Project Milkweed 2024

As part of the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program’s efforts to protect the Monarch butterfly, we are excited to offer FREE MILKWEED SEEDS to all Tennessee residents. Get involved! Take action to help create a thriving habitat for these beautiful pollinators.

How to Participate:

  1. Starting during Pollinator Week, place your order online to receive milkweed seeds by mail.
  2. Ensure successful germination by planting the seeds before winter. The winter cold is essential for their growth.
  3. Spread the word and encourage your friends and neighbors to join the effort to support Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

Let’s work together to create vibrant, sustainable habitats for our pollinators!

TN Pollinators booth at the Tennessee Aquarium | Pollinator Week 2024
We had a blast spreading the buzz about pollinators during Pollinator Week 2024. Check out our photos and discover exciting upcoming events to continue supporting these vital species. Let’s keep planting for a better tomorrow in Tennessee!

POLLINATORS are a diverse group of species that includes birds, bees, butterflies, bats and beetles. They are critically important to life and their numbers are in steady decline as a result of habitat loss, pests, pathogens, pesticides and other stressors.

Polli | Tennessee Pollinators

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Pollinator Habitat Program

Pollinator-friendly language has been included in the nation’s transportation funding law, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act.* Tennessee Department of Transportation is following this important legislation and taking the lead in establishing pollinator policies and practices.

TDOT is dedicated to growing, supporting, and protecting pollinators across Tennessee through education, partnerships and sound environmental practices by:

TDOT's Pollinator Habitat Program Tennessee Pollinators
Polli the Bee Tennessee Pollinators | TDOT's Pollinator Habitat Program

Pollinator Education

Meet Polli, the Bee from Tennessee!

To forward pollinator education, TDOT has created a series of animated educational videos about pollination and pollinator species featuring narrator Polli the Bee from Tennessee. These episodes educate children about the process of pollination, its importance, and the pollinator species native to Tennessee and the world. Now avalable in English and Spanish!

We hope that Tennessee Educators, students, and the public enjoy learning more about pollinators and their impact in the state and the world!

Pollinator Activity Book

Get ready for some buzzing fun with the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program’s Pollinator Activity Book for Kids! This exciting book is now available for download. Packed with engaging and educational activities, it’s the perfect resource to keep children entertained and informed about the importance of pollinators.

TDOT Pollinator Activity Book for Kids!

Project Milkweed

The monarch butterfly is in trouble!

Since 1992, population numbers for the monarchs and their host plant, milkweed, are down by 90%. Milkweed plants are the only source of food and host for eggs for the monarch caterpillar.

To help monarchs and other pollinators, the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program is providing free milkweed seeds to anyone in Tennessee who will join us in our mission. The best way to help pollinators is to rebuild their habitat and give them the food and shelter they need to survive.

Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Pollinator Habitat Program | Monarch on Asclepias-syriaca