Tennessee Department of Transportation’s

Partners For Pollinators

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Partners For Pollinators is a collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Tennessee State Parks, and consultants such as landscape architects and ecologists.

TDOT’s Beautification Division leads the Partners For Pollinators and provides funding for seeds, herbicides, machinery, labor, and technical support for the projects.

TN Pollinators

“Supporting pollinators is important
to the state’s environmental and agricultural health…. These meadows will offer many benefits to our state parks – from filtering storm water to enhancing the beautiful scenery – while also eventually providing our visitors with local honey. ”

– TDEC Commissioner
David Salyers

TN Pollinators

“This partnership is a response to the serious threat to pollinators, and how we as state agencies can work together to create an impactful.”

– TDOT Commissioner
Clay Bright

TN Pollinators

“Tennessee farmers and foresters provide food, shelter, and clothing for each of us, and they rely on healthy pollinators. We are proud to be a part of this partnership, and we appreciate TDOT and TDEC’s extensive work for this initiative.”

– Agriculture Commissioner
Charlie Hatcher, D.V.M.

Partners For Pollinators Projects

As of 2022, projects include planting of pollinator meadows in two interstate welcome centers and eight Tennessee State Parks.

Each project includes educational materials such as interpretive signage, displays, and brochures, and supports the Tennessee State Park “Honey Project,” which places beehives in state parks.

To forward pollinator education, TDOT has created a series of animated, educational videos about pollination and pollinator species featuring narrator Polli the Bee from Tennessee. These episodes educate children about the process of pollination, its importance, and the pollinator species native to Tennessee and the world.

Projects can be found at Big Hill Pond, Henry Horton, Montgomery Bell, Paris Landing, Pickwick Landing, Seven Islands, Sycamore Shoals, and Warriors Path State Parks.

Tennessee State Park "Honey Project”

Partners for Pollinators Projects include:

TDOT / Tennessee State Park Projects

Additional Partners For Pollinators Projects

Pollinator Education

TDOT is actively promoting pollinator education and has developed interactive lessons and videos, associated to Tennessee K-12 academic standards for science, featuring Polli, The Bee from Tennessee and her pollinator friends! Working in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education and  Metro Nashville Public Schools STEAM and Science Program to create these tools, we hope that Tennessee educators, students, and the public enjoy learning more about pollinators’ impact in the state and the world!

TN Polli Pollinator Habitat Program

Pollinator Database & Map Tool

This free, in-depth tool provides all Tennesseans, including designers, educators, students, beekeepers, and gardeners with detailed information about the pollinator flora and fauna of Tennessee.

Tennessee Pollinator Database & Map Tool

Project Milkweed | Free Seeds

To help monarchs and other pollinators, the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program is providing milkweed seeds to anyone in Tennessee who will join us in our mission. The best way to help pollinators is to rebuild their habitat and give them the food and shelter they need to survive.

Common Milkweed, Asclepias Syriaca | TN Pollinator Habitat Program

Free Bingo Cards & Pollinator Blend Seed Mix

A fun way to observe and learn about pollinators is the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program’s “Travel Bingo” cards! You can get your FREE Bingo cards and pollinator blend seed mix (a great way to start your spring pollinator garden!) at Welcome Centers and events, or Tennessee educators can contact us here to order!

Pollinator Bingo | TN Pollinator Habitat Program
Pollinator Seed Mix | TN Pollinator Habitat Program